Proof of Provenance

Trustlessly identify original information
by accurately attributing characteristics of its origin.


Scales to Millions of TPS

Can scale horizontally to handle millions of transactions per second

Instant Uploads

Upload data to Bundlr in under 8ms

Seamless Integration

3-4 lines of code to integrate Bundlr

Pay in Any Token

Sign and pay to use Bundlr in 14 supported tokens

Proof of Time

Receive signed receipts timestamps down to the millisecond that serve as a verifiable ‘proof of time’ for when information was stored on Bundlr.

Custom Metadata Tagging

You can add custom tags to the metadata of the content that you store on Bundlr. This makes it simple to index and query any data that you need to find on Bundlr.

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Decentralized Storage

Performant, scalable, and seamless data, stored permanently on Arweave

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