Performant, scalable, and seamless – forever.

What Bundlr Offers

Scales to Millions of TPS

Can scale horizontally to handle millions of transactions per second

Instant Uploads

Upload data to Bundlr in under 8ms

Seamless Integration

3-4 lines of code to integrate Bundlr

Pay in Any Token

Sign and pay to use Bundlr in 14 supported tokens

Data Stored Permanently

Lightning Fast Uploads, at Industrial Scale

With uploads time as low as 8 milliseconds and the ability to scale to millions of transactions per seconds, Bundlr’s performance is on par with traditional providers. Bundlr is ready to store the world’s data.

Seamless for Developers

Our intuitive docs and SDK help you integrate Bundlr with just 3-4 lines of code. Further, you can sign and pay for storage in any of our 14 supported tokens, including ETH, SOL, and MATIC. Find out how simple working with Bundlr is.

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Proof of Provenance

Identify original information by accurately attributing origin

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