Bundlr Network is bringing the power of web3 to data storage

Our mission

Bundlr Network is bringing the speed and ease of traditional data storage solutions to web3 blockchain technology. We make it easy for developers and businesses to store their data on Arweave, across multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Avalanche.

Our Story

Bundlr was inspired in April 2021 after founder and CEO, Josh Benaron, learned about Arweave’s struggle to scale transactions per second. Determined to find a solution, Josh created Bundlr that not only improves Arweave’s TPS, but enables faster, easier, and multichain transactions.

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Processing over 90% of data uploaded to Arweave

Increases upload speeds by over 3000%

Our Team

Josh Benaron skeleton avatar

Josh Benaron

Founder & CEO

Jesse Wright skeleton avatar

Jesse Wright

Lead Engineer

Robbie Miller skeleton avatar

Robbie Miller


Blue Kirby skeleton avatar

Blue Kirby


Miko Nieminen skeleton avatar

Miko Nieminen

System Architect

Caylin Lo skeleton avatar

Caylin Lo

Head of Marketing

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William G.


Amélia Guertin skeleton avatar

Amélia Guertin